VCSA6 Utility: port-accessible

There have always been a severe lack of port querying tools with ESXi until nc was added to the builds and now it looks like the VCSA finally gets something along the same lines. This utility is somewhat limited to what you can and cannot do but it helps when you are in a pinch.

This script is called and is located in

So if we run the python script we will observe the following:

So if I want to issue a test to say one of my hosts to make sure that we can communicate over 902 I would issue the following :

If we are using tcpdump at the same time we can see the rrequest and then we can see the response

If we try it on a port that we know isn’t open on the host we get the following

The command will sit there and hang and while tcpdumping the interface we observe constant retries but the script will not terminate until there is a total of 6 failures

Here is what is returned after the failure

I do know for a fact that the ESXi host has port 80 open so I want to try to see what a HTTP return is when I set the flag for it.

Verdict: It’s not perfect but I think that it is a great start. I would love if they could include nc on the VCSA but I am sure that they have their reasons. My main complaint is that you can’t specify the protocol that you can use when sending the traffic.