I recently ran into an issue where I had to do a factory reset on a Gen 5 EMC Recoverpoint appliance. When I would apply the config the appliance would entirely drop off the network and I would have to reinstall using the ISO. After each install I noticed that the config was still being pulled from a partition on the local device…which is an issue.

When hitting Ctrl + G during the boot the appliance would try to load into the raid configuration utility….unfortunately it would hang indefinitely until you reboot the box. ┬áIn order to get into the configuration utility I had to do a few things.

  • Reboot the server
  • Hit F2 to boot into the bios
  • The bios is password protected so I used the password I found here
  • Modify the USB legacy compatibility and set it to disabled
  • Reboot the server
  • Hit Ctrl + G

At this point you should be in the Intel configuration utility. This is where I just went and re-initialized the virtual volume and rebooted the server.

Note: After this make sure you got back into the bios and set the USB legacy compatibility to enabled. If you don’t then during the new install of the RP software it will just continually boot loop.

Just install the version of the RecoverPoint software you want and it shouldn’t pull the old config and be good as new.