So a few weeks ago I attempted the VCAP5-DTD and I am on the fence about the whole ordeal. I will first say that I do not like any of the design exams as you generally have to stop thinking logically for some of the questions.

Here are a few materials that I used when I was studying:

Chris Bekket’s Study Guide

VMware’s Blueprint

VCAP5-DTD Design Simulator

Make sure that you go through this a few times because it helps with how they want the design questions laid out and how to handle a few of the infrastructure pieces

Implementing VMware Horizon View 5.2

  • I bought this book a while back and I went through it prior to this test and it was great even though it covers 5.2. Most if not all concepts are the same but you need to keep in mind that the configuration maximums have changed along with feature sets.

The product documentation is a great place to start digging in especially the architecture design guide

Make sure that your storage knowledge is up to par for this test and your underlying vsphere knowledge. I would also look at the Storage guide for View 5.1 and this is also covered in the book above.

It isn’t clear what version that this exam is on. This may not be a big deal when you are comparing 5.0 to 5.1 since the configuration maximums didn’t change but between 5.1 and 5.2 it is a totally different ball game. I finally caved and stuck to my guns and studied for it based on 5.1 since the exam is fairly old and VMware takes a good amount of time to upgrade their tests when new versions come out.