VMware Software Manager – Download Service

Welp vSphere 6.0 came out today and the first time I found out about was this little gem. It will download the entire suite of products based on your entitlement in My VMware. You of course have a some say in what suite, version, and location but other than that there isn’t much.

I will just go through installing it and downloading something. Nothing super complicated but it’s pretty great since I can just click one button to download the product set in a version update. I love that VMware has something for this now but I wish it was just integrated into VUM instead of having to toss it somewhere.



Run the MSI

Click Next



Click I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click next



The Depot location is where it will store the downloads If you need to change it then modify the path and click Next




Click Install




Click Finish






Now your default browser will open and prompt you with the following

Add your My VMware username and password and click Connect



Upon login it will read what you are entitled to and build out a list.




So you can see all the products when you login however you are going to have to use the category,suite, version, and edition sections on the left hand side.

For this example I select Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure



Then it limits our view to the following. I only want VMware vSphere so we are going to select that on the left



I only want to download the entire suite so if I click the download arrow it will download all of the binaries to C:\Depot\Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure\VMware vSphere\6.0\




If you want specific files under vSphere 6.0 you have to use the left pane and select the Edition.


Now you can see the binaries under that edition so you don’t need to download all 31.3gb if you just want the ESXi ISO